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How do I know if my insurance covers Tornado damage?
by Ruben Vick

A 'quality' homeowners standard coverage will cover wind damage to structures and contents if caused by tornadoes or thunderstorms. The insured should contact their insurance agent or claims department immediately to initiate the claims process.

See articles from John Doak / Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner and other regarding good tips on what to expect when hit by a catastrophic loss:
Tornado Claims Moore, OK   |   Tornado Standard Coverage

Many Lack Insurance Necessary to Rebuild

Most people have no idea of what their home/auto policy coverage's provide or the value of having a 'trusted' agent and stable company there to prepare and educate for future events.

- Now is the time when clients who may have made their homeowners insurance buying decision based on cost rather than value may become disappointed or upset.
- Smaller insurance carries may have limited catastrophic claims teams and resources, so their clients may have difficulty getting checks cut to cover temporary living expense (huge problem)
- Client's of the smaller/lower premium cost carriers may experience longer time-frames to get their home's rebuilt
- Keep in mind, it make take 12-18 months to get a home reconstructed, so clients will need to check with their agent or claims adjuster to make sure their policy has adequate Coverage's and time frames.
- And may or may not have enough coverage to rebuild the home to 2013 standards (see attached article)
- May be restricted to rebuild on same slab or same address (not good idea)
- Those who did not have any insurance or who may have been underinsured, will need to contact FEMA (1 800 659-2955) to apply for a long - term loan.

The Farmers Insurance Mobile Command Unit is located at The First Baptist Church of Moore, 301 NE 27th St, Moore, OK. The Farmers Helppoint Claims Department (1 800 435-7764) is available 24/7/365 days, always open to take and assign claims.
Our clients can open / view claims via Internet or our free 'smart phone' apps for apple or android operating systems. Our claims teams are currently working on over 1,600 active claims, and we expect the figure to continue to increase rapidly.

Please contact me for auto/life and homeowners insurance quotes. We offer competitive earthquake rates!

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