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Four 100% Home Loan Programs - Oklahoma:

State Bond Money | Tulsa County Bond Money
USDA RD Home Loans or Rural Development Loans
Veteran Loans (VA)

  • State Bond Money (OHFA)

    This home loan is available for all 77 counties in Oklahoma - (The OHFA- "Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency") has two home loan programs technically called the "OHFA Advantage or Dream Program" or in simple words "State Bond Money".

    This Home loan program offers State Bond Money to assist qualified individuals and families with their down payment so you can achieve the American Dream of Affordable Home Ownership. - (www.ohfa.org)

    "State Bond Money" loans are 30 year fixed rate home loans with 3.5% down payment assistance.

    Down Payment Assistance: Equal to 3.5% of the sales price. Can be used on both new and existing homes "For Sale"

    Loan types: FHA, VA, RD and HUD 184

    Property eligibility---entire state of Oklahoma

    Credit Requirements: Buyer must have a minimum of 640 FICO credit score ( this will be the middle score of the three credit reporting agencies that pull up..for example you if have a 680, 640 and 600 credit score, they will take the middle score of 640) ( If two scores are pulled it will be the lower of the two)

    Maximum purchase price: not to exceed $214,925 on the Advantage Program and $271,050 on the Dream Program.

    Income Limits: For areas such as Tulsa, Rogers or Osage Counties, the Income limit for the Advantage program is $59,700 for 1-2 person household and $68,655 for 3 or more person household (Note: Target areas have higher income limits).
    Income limits for the Dream Bond Program is $71,040 for 1-4 family members and $82800 for 3+ family members
    Income must come from first time home buyers or those that have not owned a home in last 3 years for the Advantage Program and you do not have to be a first time buyer for the Dream Program.

    For more information on other Oklahoma Counties maximum income limits Click Here

    Police officers, Firefighters and Educators (Teachers and Support Staff) more financing program are available. For more Information Click Here

    Be aware there may be a potential recapture tax if you sell within a certain amount of time after getting this type of down payment assistance loan. Be sure to ask the Lender what that tax may be if you plan to sell within the first 5 years or so.

    For more information on how to get preapproved or for assistance in helping you to find your dream home, call on Gilda's experience and knowledge to guide you through the homebuying process.
    Please feel free to call or text Realtor/Agent, Gilda Krantz-Smith at 918-808-0224 or email gilda@owasso.com She will make time for you.

    Gilda is a full time, dedicated and professional agent that has 20+ years hands on experience helping homebuyers achieve their American Dream.
    Check out her Past Client Reviews

    Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designated State Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) for the state of Oklahoma.OHFA Website

  • Tulsa County Bond Money
    [Note: Tulsa County Bond Money with 3.5% down payment assistance for Home Buyers has limited Availability so call to check if its currently available.]

    Down Payment Assistance-3.5% (Each qualifying home buyer family will recieve a non re-payable grant equal to 3.5% of the initial principal balance of the mortgage loan)

    Loan types allowed: FHA, VA and Rural Development (USDA-RD)

    Minimum Credit Score must be 640 or above.

    Homebuyers are not subject to a Recapture Tax if you resale your home early

    Property eligibility: Must be located in Tulsa County or in the City of Tulsa; buyer must have a minimum of 640 FICO credit score

    All First time buyers will be required to take an online or in person HUD approved home buyer education course.

    Do Not have to be a First Time home buyer.

    Seller can additionally assist in paying closing costs, up to 6%, making it very affordable to purchase a home.

    No repayment is ever required for Tulsa County Bond down payment assistance. No second mortgage is filed.

    Maximum Credit Qualifying Income is $82,880.00

    Maximum Home Purchase Price is $214,925.00

    This is for home buyers that do not currently own a home (if you have a home to be sold it has to close first).

    Mortgage rate is a 30 year fixed rate slightly above the market rate. This Interest rate can be subject to change periodically to stay competitive with the market

    For more information on how to get your share of this money reserved.

    Please Call/Text Realtor/Agent, Gilda Krantz-Smith with Chinowth & Cohen Realtors at 918-808-0224 or email Gilda@Owasso.com
    Check out her 40+ Client Reviews)

  • USDA RD Home Loans or Rural Development Housing Program [RD - (Section 502) Loans]
    offered by the United States Dept.of Agriculture

    This is a loan program designed for low to moderate income households to purchase a home in rural elgible areas
    To check if a property you are interested in is eligible for a USDA/RD 100% financing mortgage, visit: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do?pageAction=sfp&NavKey=property@11

    NO down payment required

    Up to 6% of Closing costs can be negotiated with the seller or possibly financed into the loan as long as the home appraises.

    You can buy a home for less than most rent deposits if you have a credit score of 640 or above, some lenders will allow as low as 620 but your rate will be higher.

    Income qualifying guidelines- your total household adjusted income to be $74,650 or less ( up to a 4 person household) and $99,850 (for 5+ household members)

    Your home must be in an RD approved elgible area.

    This home loan is for qualifying rural areas outside of City of Tulsa like Owasso and Glenpool (for now.. since an new extension was given), Skiatook, Collinsville, Oologah, Verdigris etc. (if you are buying in the City you will need to consider going VA, State Bond or Tulsa County Bond)

    Other Features of the RD Loan:

    *No Cash Reserve Requirements

    *102% of Appraised Value is allowed to Cover Closing Costs as long as the home appraises.

    *No Cap on mortgage amount other than the Appraisal (plus USDA-RD Fee)

    *6% Seller Concessions Allowed to cover closings costs

    *Gifts allowed and DO NOT NEED to come from relative

    *30 year fixed rate loan

    *All Closing Costs can be included in the loan as long as the property appraises

    *Try USDA-RD BEFORE FHA because requires NO DOWN PAYMENT, whereas FHA requires 3.5% Down

    *USDA-RD has lower mortgage insurance than FHA, thus lower payments than FHA

    *Standard Site Built Homes are Allowed. No Manufactured Homes
    , unless new and permanently installed or forclosure usda MFH, No Modular, No Log

    *First Time Home Buyers Allowed or those that just sold a home and are purchasing again, cannot be used for a second home or home with income producing structures

    *Minimum credit score of 640 needed.

    *FHA Guidelines are used for credit approval

    *Interest rate based on FHA rates

    *No Declining Markets, all available at 100% LTV

    *http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov Click here to see if your homes address is eligible for this RD - USDA financing

    For more information on how to get preapproved for this great loan product or for assistance in helping you to find your dream home using this program,

    Please Call or Text Realtor/Agent, Gilda Krantz-Smith with Chinowth & Cohen Realtors

    918-808-0224 or email Gilda@Owasso.com
    Check out her 40+ Client Reviews)

  • Veteran Loans (VA)
    This 100% no down payment loan is for anyone who has served, or is now serving in our Military. No Mortgage Insurance in your payment. Your funding fee may be waived if you have a documented disability. If you can get the seller to pay your up to 4% in closing costs you can move in for very little! Income limits do not apply and you do not have to be a first time buyer.This is a wonderful loan that all our military heros should take advantage of. You Earned It!!

    For more details Call/Text Gilda 918-808-0224 or email Gilda@Owasso.com

I know this was a lot of information to digest so feel free to Call/Text 918-808-0224 or Email Gilda@Owasso.com and find out the steps to qualify for one of the four above loans.
Allow Gilda to help you find your piece of the American Dream! She can personally assist you from day ONE all the way to the closing with no cost to you for her services. Gilda gets paid from the Real Estate Company that is marketing the home found via our MLS (Realtor Multiple Listing Service database).

Should you want to buy outside of the GreaterTulsa, Oklahoma service area, Gilda can still help by referring you to one of her pre-screened partners that can help you outside of her service areas.

Call/Text 918-808-0224 or E-mail Gilda Krantz-Smith, "Your Realtor of Choice" for up to date information regarding these wonderful 100% home financing programs.

Let's get started finding your dream home be it new or resale today. Rates are are still very low around the 4-4.50% range for a 30 year fixed rate loan. Buying a home today is still very affordable and best of all it is "YOURS"

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Hi! Welcome to the world of Real Estate Home Loan Financing. Call Gilda Krantz-Smith today.
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100% Home financing programs are for those that qualify depending on your income, credit, and property elgibility, or for first time buyers and or those that just sold a home, or have not owned in the past 3 years, or those that have served or are serving currently in the U.S. military.
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