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Improve Your Marriage, Feb 3
City of Owasso Govt Updates "Footloose", PAC, 2/13-14

Owasso Chamber Events

Ladies Bible Study, Begins Feb 4
City Manager's Report Community Workshop, Feb 5

City Council Meeting Minutes

Congratulations Mills
Science Fair Winners! ^5s!!!


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"Happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes when you're lucky.
Joy is a light that fills you with hope and faith and love." - Will Rogers

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Improve Your Marriage, Begins Feb 3

First Tuesdays at Owasso First, monthly event focused on life improvement. Casual, fast-paced event in our youth building, for approximately 1 hour. Our first First Tuesday will focus on helping you improve your marriage.


Ladies Bible Study, Begins Feb 4

First Baptist Church will have "Hebrews - The Nearness of King Jesus"; 7 week Ladies Bible Study Class, 6:30pm Wednesdays, and 9am Thursdays. (Workbook: $13)
There will also be a 9am Ladies Bible Study Class: "Zechariah - Precept Upon Precept". (Workbook: $16)


Community Workshop, Feb 5

Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative- Owasso CARES, holding a spring Community Improvement Workshops, 10am-3pm at Bailey Ranch Golf Club, Clubhouse.


"Footloose", PAC, Feb 13-14

OHS students performing "Footloose", Fri 2/13: 7pm, Sat 2/14: 2 and 7pm. Owasso PAC


Farewell & Best Wishes to
Our Librarian, Barbara Barnes!

Happy Retirement, Barbara!
23 Years of Outstanding, Loving, Generous, Understanding Help! At Owasso Library. Thank You, Barbara! We shall miss you.


WANTED: Volunteers &/or Blood

The Red Cross is in need of volunteers. If you are interested, please call Carrie Kelly, 918-831-1266... and, of course, blood is always welcome. Red Cross Tulsa Chapter


Hospice needs volunteers

Hospice of Owasso is needing volunteers to visit patients and read, talk, listen, run errands, or even help in office. Please contact Kalen Kelso at 918-274-0333 or Seasons Hospice at 918-745-0222, or email cmiller@seasonshospice.com


Mission Owasso - Food Pantry

First Baptist Church's "Mission Owasso" is downtown at 708 N Main. Items needed: Canned meats, like tuna or chicken; Canned vegetables; Pasta, spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles; Peanut Butter; Jelly; Dried Beans. More information on how to volunteer, receive assistance or make a donation: 918-272-2294


Way To GO, RAMS!!!!


Congratulations! Brett Stewart and Lexi Armon!
Mr and Miss OHS 2014!


Congratulations! Larry Turner, National High School Baseball Coach of the Year!


Congratulations! Alexa Winter crowned
2014 Basketball Homecoming Queen


Congratulations! 2014 Wrestling Homecoming
Queen, Kaylea sherwood


All-District Choir Students

41 Owasso students have been named to the All-District Choir.
Avery Morrison, who receives a special award at the concert for being the only student chosen all 6 years (7-12th grades).
Jacob Aunko       Carolyn Bettridge
Jordan Biggs       Kris Blackstar
Devin Boatman       Telara Day
Nolan Ferguson (Tenor II)       Sophia Gilstrap
Perry Hickman       Kaylin Parsons
Gus Pennington       Natalie Pitkin
Miranda Roberts       Brandon Sinclare (Tennor II)
Jessie Walters       Hannah Wiese
Sandi Turney (1st Alternative)
Brenda Villagomez (1st Alternative)

Jordan Alimena       Teresa Burke
Blake Calhoun       Aubriana Hanon
Mitchell Jones       Kelly Larson
Quinn McCormik       Nichole Miller
Tyler Pace       Aurora Robinson
Katie Thorisch       Clara Webster
Mason Wiese       Jessie Wolfe
Emily Wall (1st Alternate)

Morgan Foshee       Clara Gleason
Sarah Townsend       Davy Webster

Aaron Alimena       Hannah Barkley
Parker Brunson (Bass II)       Gabby King
Ryleigh Spencer       Eric Wall
Anna Draper (2nd Alternate)


Bailey Crowe crowned Homecoming Queen
Long Live The Queen!

Bailey Crowe was crowned 2013 Football Homecoming Queen, as the Rams defeated Bartlesville 59-14. Queen Bailey's escort was senior Rams receiver, John Cole Neph.


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