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Special Education Services

A continuum of service delivery systems designed to provide specialized programs based on individualized student needs are maintained throughout the Owasso Public School system. Students who legally reside in the local district may qualify for such services through proper evaluation and multidisciplinary team recommendations. This effort encompasses services for various forms of mental, physical, emotional or learning difficulties. It is the result of Public Law 101-476 which insures that all individuals with special needs have provided to them a free and appropriate public education. Further information regarding qualification criteria can be obtained by contacting a school counselor or the Director of Special Services at 272-8021. Referral and personally identifiable information will be considered confidential and protected under the regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

OPS Proficiency-Based Promotion

Proficiency Based Promotion provides the opportunity for students to move forward in their educational endeavors by subject, course, and/or grade level. The student who can successfully be moved ahead under PBP guidelines can demonstrate content knowledge, skills and the application of learning in the core areas regardless of time spent in the class room. Parental involvement is integral in the PBP process, as is the consideration of the student's social, emotional, and intellectual needs. PBP opportunities will be available for students from grades K-12 in the core content areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts.
Upon completion of the PBP application process, student applicants will complete a criterion referenced exam selected by the school district. If the test is passed at a 90% or higher level and after appropriate consultation with parents, students may be promoted and receive appropriate credit. Credit earned in high school level courses will count toward meeting graduation requirements. Credit will be noted as Credit by Exam (CBE). Credit will be noted as a pass with no grade assigned and will not affect the grade point average. No record of unsuccessful attempts will be maintained in the student's permanent record. High school students will be allowed to take course tests in sequence, i.e., a student must pass the English I exam before he or she is allowed to take the English II exam.
Student's in grades K-8 maybe take a battery of tests to determine if a student may skip a grade. If a student passes the tests with a 90% or higher level, parents will be required to meet with the building principal and the student's teacher(s) to discuss the student's social, emotional, and intellectual status. If it is determined during this meeting that the student is socially, emotionally, and intellectually ready to skip a grade, the student will be placed in the appropriate grade. As with other promotional/retention issues, a parent may request a promotion against the recommendation of the school.
Students may attempt proficiency demonstrations in as many subject areas or grade levels as they desire. Options for accommodating student needs for advancement after having demonstrated proficiency may include, but are not limited to: individualized instruction, correspondence courses, independent study, concurrent enrollment, cross-grading grouping, or grade/course advancement. Notification regarding the availability of PBP will be made available to parents/guardians and students on an annual basis. Guidelines, application procedures and forms will be available at each school site.
Applications are available in the counseling offices at each school site, (OHS counseling office during the summer months), complete and return them by the deadlines.
The Owasso School System will offer proficiency testing during two weeks in the summer to enable students to make a smooth transition to a new grade and to enable them to start the year in the appropriate classes. Proficiency tests are not given at any other time. The application deadline is the third Friday of May for testing during the first week of June and the third Friday of July for testing during the second week of August. Please include your daytime phone number so you can be contacted to set a date and time for testing.
Contact Marvene Johnston at 272-8182 if you need further information.

Schools Provide Equal Opportunities

It is the policy of the Owasso Public Schools to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, qualified handicap, religion, or veteran status in its educational programs and activities. This includes, but is not limited to admissions, educational services, financial aid, and employment.
Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to Mr. Roger Carter, coordinator of Title IX, phone 272-1867 or Mrs. Kathy Curtis, coordinator of Section 504 responsibilities, phone 272-8021, Owasso Public Schools, 1501 N. Ash, Owasso, Oklahoma 74055.

[Information from OPS Newsletter and Owasso Reporter Newspaper]

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